Hit Factor
Community Code of Conduct

Last updated: January 12, 2024

Welcome to the Community! To keep our community welcoming, inclusive, and thriving, we ask that all members of our community adhere to the following rules and guidelines in our social spaces. Violations will be treated on a case by case basis by our staff, and can lead to action against your account up to and including removal of your account out our discretion.

1) No racism, sexism, homophobia, hate speech, or other discriminatory or abusive conduct will be tolerated. This behavior is grounds for removal from the community.

2) No discussion of our games or in game currencies or items as investments. Our currencies, NFT’s and other crypto related items and transactions are for the purpose of entertainment, and should be treated as such.

3) No flaming, baiting, trolling, or engaging in personal arguments in our social spaces. Please be respectful of those around you, and remember that we are here to have fun and support our games and studios.

4) No explicit imagery, pornographic content, or other NSFW content will be permitted in our social spaces. Please keep posts PG – 13, and remember that we want all to feel welcome here.

5) No spam, capslock spam, or other disruptive messages or posts that are made for the purpose of interrupting chats or threads. Your meme game might be top tier, but keep it to the memes channel! (Note: If this channel is abused, we will consider removing it, let’s keep it fun and within the rules!)

6) No discussion of religion, politics, or other sensitive topics. Passionate “real world” discussions are prone to becoming heated, and we are not here to foster arguments.

7) Do not impersonate staff members. This includes usernames, nicknames, or telling others you are a member of the team. We reserve the right to change your name, or escalate to a removal from the server. These rules are not comprehensive, and staff may remove you at their discretion for other violations